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We are all going through that change-of-seasons stage at the moment and your wardrobe is probably as jumbled as mine! Autumn is coming but we still have some sun here. On my Friends of Flow Pinterest board I am pinning some fashion and style pins that I love X I hope you'll take a look! #friendsofflow #flowmagazine #florawaycott

MIAMI! ✨ we have a watercolor + lettering workshop coming up! this 3 day class will guide you through the basics of watercolor, developing a personal lettering style and creating a final masterpiece in class it's a GREAT workshop! sign up today to secure your spot! (link in profile)

Painting and pinning SUCCULENTS today for 'Friends of Flow' Pinterest board. #succulents #friendsofflow #watercolor #paint #sketchbook @flow_magazine @flow_magazin @flowmagazine_fr @flow_weekly @irenesmitflow @astridvanderhulst @jocelyn_dk

When I was young, I used to build robots, houses, dolls, you name it, out of paper or card board. 25 years later, I'm still doing the same :) #flowmagazine @flow_magazine

Bird with acorn, folk painting - autumn- thanksgiving- wall art - a limited edition, archival print by cori dantini, 5 x 7

In issue #38 of @flow_weekly you will find my "Zo teken je een gieter" (How to draw a watering can) tutorial! #flowweekly #flowmagazine #illustration #painting #tutorial #wateringcan #florawaycott

Some more of the work I did for #flowmagazine on mindfulness. I could title this one "a few of my favorite things". #comfort #mindfulness #relax by anisamakhoul

Original abstract art Swarovski® & glitter. Dandelion decor. Teal mint turquoise modern art diptych. Large painting on canvas. Dandelion art

Abstract painting "Little Hopes" dandelion art, abstract art Swarovski crystals & glitter 24x40 turquoise mint original abstract painting. $229.00, via Etsy.