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  • Lauren Myers

    Micro teacup Pomeranian, adorable fluff balls!

  • M I C H A E L A

    #cute #little #puppy #dog #animals #babyanimals #adorable

  • Joaquin Lin

    Pomsky puppies for sale are lovable pups which you might place for a pet. These pups are not of pure breed but are instead a crossbreed from a husky and the Pomeranian. Getting such a animal is great since you will have a companion with a mixture of personalities. For instance, Pomsky puppies for sale are clever and extremely dependable. ...

  • Rena Siel

    funny dog pictures - Scuse me ma'am Ur cotton ball mutataed

  • Erika Witt

    How is this possible? tiny marshmallow as a pet haha i want it!

  • Sara

    Omigawd, it doesn't even look real! It's like a cotton ball with eyes. #cute #dog #animals

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Marcia Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Talaski please, please you NEED this puppy. And you should name him Griswald. He looks like a little Gris.

Today I feel good.. Hoping you all feel good too! If you aren't feeling good - Do something special for yourself. You deserve to feel happy right now..

This is cute, but I'm pretty sure my dogs would not sit there like that. They would probably try and eat the lights! Hahaha :)

I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May be cruel but not an animal lover.. Buttttttt I am NOW! I totally want this pup.😍😍😍

Pomsky --- A hybrid mix of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky

Careful that those smaller dogs don't slip between the cushions like the remote! ;)

This is a Pomsky! And he is cute but I'm slightly afraid of this pup.. It looks like "the others" for those of you who understand game of thrones.. Winter is Coming! Lol