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  • Lacey-Jerry Burnham

    Red Wolf. Once roamed the Southeastern United States but became extinct in the wild by 1980. In 1987 they were reintroduced into the wild and are said to be successfully breeding.

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''To look into the eyes of a wolf, is to see your soul..."

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Frogs are so fascinating. Really, how can they not be miraculous. They symbolize the metamorphosis to a new life. International Drug Rehab in Panama

The black color in wolves came from breeding with domestic dogs.

Sweet picture. There is a gentle side to these glorious creatures.. I would hope that wolves and man can, one day, become compatible..

There are about 5,500 known amphibian species, divided into 3 main groups: salamanders, newts, and mudpuppies; caecilians; and frogs and toads.

Fawn with daisy,this makes me smile