Autumn walk by Mike Shaw. I can just picture me and me mate walking down this road!

belo lago

My mom and I recently went to visit the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens, and the Japanese garden was soooo awesome! I'm glad we came in fall so that we coul. Autum in Japan

Country road

Autumn Splendor / there's nothing like a walk on a country road in the crisp fall air. / a few of my favorite things.

photo paysage automne québec

Massachusetts - Linwood House at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA. The obvious choices for Mass would be Boston or Cape Cod - both fabulous, but I love Norman Rockwell and should be living here in the

The only sound is the crunch of leaves beneath my feet

Fabulous Autumn - So pretty Amazing World beautiful amazing - Amazing Things in the World Lovely Amazing World


Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, And I can picture it after all these days.

How Beautiful. I'll brink the hot Chocolate and a blanket

Autumn is romance! The spark that lights spring weddings. The previous pinner said they would "bring hot chocolate and a blanket.

Sodermanland, Sweden

~~Fall is here ~ autumn in Husby, Sodermanland, Sweden by Pierre Pocs~~

Leaf love | AUTUMN | Pinterest | Serce i Jesień

A heart in the autumn leaves! Would be cute to stand in the middle for an engagement/wedding picture!

The Pristine Piuva Tree Of Brazil...

7 Of The World's Most Unbelievable Trees

Trees of Brazil! Piúva Tree in Brazil. Pink trum­pet tree (piúva) comes from the same fam­ily as the Jacaranda family.


I would love to sing in this swing and jump into the crunchy leaves AHHHH.I love the sound of crackling leaves!