God's plans... We need to remember this in the bad days... @kerenoliveira

Amen !!!!!!!!

Hold On

Amen, God's plan is already mapped out. It's up to you to accept it!

thank god.

Trust His Will

Could I get an amen? Amen

I need to remember this, especially as I near the end of school and start going on interviews. I have a tendency to be a big bundle of anxiety and worry about everything. I need to let it go.


Be encouraged #Girlfriends Pray

Faith in God includes faith in his timing

going to do this when i get more canvas :)

Spiritual Inspiration - thank you God for your reminders.

So necessary to remember.

the truth.

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whenever you feel old, count your lucky stars that you're still here.

So true!

God IS for you~<3