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5 Fun Wedding Photos – Chicago Wedding Blog if they're ALL like this pic they will have to be for our personal wedding pic collection lol ;)

lifestyle for 3-6 months

Beautiful Fiery Autumn Trees love fall trees...too bad I never see them anymore. sigh

#Sole | Gorgeous sunrise! But don't try to click through -"suspicious link" |

tips for shooting baby in that tricky 3 month old range when they aren't sleeping as much as a newborn and can't sit up on their own yet



@Overstock - Artist: David Lorenz Winston Title: Solitude Product Type: Framed Art Print $56.05

Click it Up a Notchfrom Click it Up a Notch

Capture Your Christmas Photography Series

How to capture your Christmas: Photography Series via Click it Up a Notch

"Morning Dew Bokeh" The way the light reflects the water is amazing. The dots of light every where give a very calming feel. The background is very soft while the foreground is in extreme focus. Love this. #beauty #nature

Summer time is nearing! The perfect time to hang out with your besties on the beach, watching the sun go down, colours reflecting off the ocean, such a perfect day :* @Diane Duncheskie

Photos of smoke bombs ignited in various location all over Europe, taken by Italian artist Filippo Minelli.