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Celiac Disease: When Gluten Has To Go... Celiac Disease Affects Kids, Too!

Celiac disease and gluten-free diets often go together. Learn about celiac disease with this helpful #infographic. #glutenfree #celiacdisease

Symptoms can also be the opposite: constipation and weight gain or inability to lose weight!!!!

What is gluten and gluten intolerance. A helpful infographic!

Those of you that don't get it, this is my life! I've had a migraine since Thursday :-( Then, you add the aches I still have from getting hit by a car.... ---- @Rox

Celiac Disease. So true! It took me a year and a half before I started to feel good!

I am sure if I say this to myself, It will do the trick. ha.

Celiac Disease & Gluten Intolerance Awareness | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC

I had Celiac's disease before it became a trend.

Celiac Disease - and here I thought my tooth enamel was bad because of lemons!

To answer the question “what are the celiac disease symptoms?” or any doubt you might have on whether or not what you have been feeling means that you could be suffering from celiac disease, we illustrated a... See more at: www.discountmedic...