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Izzy and Femali get meds (though Femali is just about done with hers), so Baby feels left out. He gets a syringeful of plain Ensure. Good training for if he ever has to take real meds!

There, there, little kitten. Let mama get this bug off you, then we'll have some milk.: Cats, Mothers, Adorable Animals, Her Kittens, Kittens, Photo, Baby Cat

We were joyriding and my wife spotted (again!) this.They were doing a lap(approx 500m) at a time (maybe just training). Dogs were enjoying the run and seems asking for more whenever they stop.

I feel like I need to improve my portraiture skills so I practiced on our new puppy. He has all of the attributes of a professional model. He doesn't sit still. He throws temper tantrums, and is incredibly cute. I used the BWD (big wall diffuser) met

Beach / animals / dog : I love the atmosphere, color and tone of this shot. Feels magical! The before & after images are on my blog. The link is on my profile page. ►Reblog this on Tumblr This image is now ready for reblogging on Tumblr.