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Obviously jealous of something.... otherwise you wouldn't be looking for me and stalking so hard!! Sheesh... get on with your life!! Hahahahaha... the fact that you are reading this is making me giggle... because it proves this pin is 110% true!!

Gay Marriage: I'm straight male, married 44 years, age 67, and I support gay marriage. It will have no effect on straight marriages, and it will be good for America (note that I said it "WILL" be good because it is coming, so get over it and enjoy your life). Note by Roger Carrier

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zulilyfrom zulily

'Sometimes You' Box Sign

I am sooo Loving this Black 'Sometimes You Have To' Wall Sign

The Most Hilariously Effective Signs Supporting Gay Marriage | Happy Place

It's a useful tool. I love insulting people sweetly to their faces without them catching it.

Funny Or Diefrom Funny Or Die

Prop 8 Overturned! The Funniest Signs Supporting Gay Marriage

seriously, though.