Knight's gravestone, St Columba's Isle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

See the home of the Knights Templar. Temple Church was constructed in the 12th century by the Knights Templar – a powerful order of crusading monks made famous by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code. The building was originally used for Templar initiation ceremonies, and today, visitors can see marble effigies of medieval knights buried on the grounds.

Knight Templar Gravestone, La Couvertoirade, France

Crusaders grave, Kilmuir cemetary on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Part of the Britain Express Travel and Heritage Picture Library, Scotland col...

Medieval knight found underneath a parking lot in Edinburgh

old gravestone

Dunbeag broch Iron Age settlement, looking toward Isle Ornsay, Isle of Skye, Scotland

old gravestone

Iona Abbey, Scotland - Duncan, the Scottish king murdered by Macbeth in 1140, is reputed to be buried here as well as 47 other Scottish kings and saints

Tobermory Cross - Isle of Mull, Scotland – Celebrate Faith

The chapel of Templars - Rosslyn (Edinburgh) - Scotland

Greyfriar Cemetery, Edinburgh. Probably the world’s most dangerous graveyard, Greyfriar is so renowned for its violent paranormal activity that it was made inaccessible to tourists.

Strath Mor, Isle of Skye, Scotland #scotland #isleofskye #uk #travel #highlands #landscape

Anti Body-Snatching Defenses In Scottish Graveyard

Crusader grave at Skeabost on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Part of the Britain Heritage Picture Library, Scotland collection.

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Hardy Tree In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church in London, hundreds of old gravestones circle an ash tree. In the 1860's an older part of the churchyard was designated to make way for a new railway line. Coffins were removed with care and reburied elsewhere. Some of the headstones were placed in a circular pattern around a young ash tree in the churchyard. Over the decades the tree has, inevitably grown and parts of the headstones nearest the tree have disappeared in to its gro...

pictures of medival scotland | lawrence-wiki-folklore - Period 4-Scotland

Calanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. I've watched the sun graze the horizon while sitting among these stones during the solstice.

Scottish stone, perhaps depicting the deceased of an entire family.

Isle of Skye, Scotland