This little holder slides onto your finger to hold any bottle of polish. Paint your nails at home or on the go, no flat surface required.

Long distance relationships suck, here's an amazing way to stick video messages to the things you share. Care packages, letters, you can even hide love notes around the house for your special someone to find for when you're away. Learn more at

nail polish collection. Holy moly i thought i had a lot of nail polish

Love the nail color...china glaze, "highlight of my summer"

Best way to take off acrylics! I have tried every other way from sawing with dental floss to picking and ripping them off. Use acetone nail polish and get a cotton ball wet, place it on your nail. Wrap tin foil (I used highlighting foil from the supply house) around the nail and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. When you take the foil off your nails will be jelly like. Use the rounded side of a metal cuticle pusher and scrape off the excess nail remaining. And boom, your nails are off.

10 Sharpie Manicure Ideas

The cats meow! Love!

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

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WHAT! my whole life is a LIE, am I the only one???

27 nail polish tricks.

Marbled manicure #nails

Nail Polish Storage Cubes are crystal clear shoe drawers for $13.99 each holds 60 bottles each

Feather feature nail.....Awesome!!

How to fix a broken nail.. Seriously just did this and used Essie ridge filler as a base before I put on color polish. Will see how it lasts!

oh myyyyy a girl can dream!

too long, but i love the nail patterns