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Burmese Mountain Dog puppy!

The most adorable invasion in history: The seal came from a bay, went through a residential area, across roads, under a gate, through a cat door, up some stairs, and onto a couch where it cuddled up and tried to sleep.

What a happy sloth :)

Blue English bulldog. Cutest thing ever!

sunbathing kitten

rainy day pug.

Frenchies in the sun | Fluffington Post

cute little dude

Just adorable

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Why is this so funny:')

miniature chocolate labradoodle

I can't help myself.

Blackmail Dog

Cute curiosity!

My baby

I love elephants!

"Mom... Mom... Mom... MOM... MOM!... MOM!!!" "WHAT?" " ... Hey."

shepherd mix

Baby moose...mooses...mees...?!!!

Too adorable!

hah too cute!

How could you not love this little fellow!