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  • Jenny Antonelli♥

    So true, story of my life! I <3 my husband!

  • Occasions at Laguna Village

    this is such a cute engagement photo, flowers are a little large though haha

  • Nikki Endres

    Very true! Love my best friend!

  • Courtney Hayes

    My love sent me this quote the other day :)

  • Tina VonDane

    who knew that when i agreed to go on a date with you that we would turn out to be each other's best friend? you are my soul mate, willy! i couldn't imagine my life without you, i consider it an honor to be your wife and that u and i are sharing this journey together. my heart is yours to keep, i love you.

  • Loren Curtis

    Cool quote and all.. But I'm more concerned with how much money that dude spent on all those flowers!!

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He's already prepared the way. Live with faith and confidence, it's all gonna be ok. It will all work out.

Pray hardest when it’s hardest to pray? I don’t think this means we should pray hardest when we’re in the most trouble. Most of us find it pretty easy to pray when we need God to get us out of a tight spot. For me, this quote means that I need to pray hardest when I’m . . . . . . exhausted . . . excited . . . angry . . . anxious . . . annoyed . . . busy . . . behind . . . distracted.

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it's leadership. #positive #leadership

I never do things for credit, but when people acknowledge or at least thank you, it's worth it!

Weekly inspiration for a successful personal and professional life!


Work hard, have fun, no drama.

Show respect even to people who dont deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours -from Lifehacker, quoting Dave Willis


Every day is a fresh start

Great reminder :)

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C. S. Lewis. Mere Christianity! I want this book for Christmas :-)

when God Pushes you to the edge of difficultly., Just trust on god becuase he know who you are and what you have been through , he will never give you any big problem that you cant handle ,life is hard quotes,Famous Bible Verses, Encouragement Bible Verses, jesus christ bible verses , daily inspirational quotes with images, bible verses for inspiration, Leadership Bible Verses,

God has NOT placed most of us in the place we are. Our bad decisions and choices have landed us here. However, if we're truly Christians and give our life to God while confessing our sins, He will act and guide us where we need to be. He may not 'fix everything' as most of our current situations took some time to create.

Post your #PrayerRequest on Download the free prayer app. #Pray with the world -----> #bible #christ #verse #god #church #churchtech

Be a best friend Tell the truth Overuse I love you Go to work Do your best Don't outsmart your commonsense Never let your prayin' knees get lazy Love like crazy

."Great people do things before they're ready. They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that- that is what life is. You might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that's really special and if you're not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself."

Weekly inspiration for a successful personal and professional life!

Inspirational Saying Sign - God is good all the time - All the time God is good - FREE HAND Painted 7 x 20. $30.00, via Etsy.