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Is Feta Cheese Healthy?

by Andrea Cespedes
Feta is a Greek cheese traditionally made with sheep’s or goat’s milk. Many of the commercial variations available in the U.S. are made with cow’s milk, which produces a firmer cheese. The white cheese is cured and stored in a liquid known as whey brine. Feta has a soft, crumbly texture and a salty,...
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    slices of feta cheese image by timur1970 from

  • Alysia Heisdorf

    Benefits of Feta Cheese.

  • Aurielle Williams

    Feta cheese is made with sheep's or goat's milk and it has a bold and tangy flavor. The cheese supplies key vitamins and minerals, but it can also be high in saturated fat and sodium. You can ...

  • Uniquely Greek

    During the forming process, Feta is cut into large slices. The name is derived from the Italian fetta meaning “slice.” #feta #funfact #uniquelygreek

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    Feta Cheese Benefits

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