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  • Karen Bulger

    Batman -- the TV series 1966-1968 -- "The Complete 14 Batman Window Cameos -- A compilation of all 14 window cameos from the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. Almost fifty years later, some of these folks are still remembered today--Others, not so much."

  • Outlaw_37

    Batclimbing? know wonder the made the grappling gun. Every wall climbing sequence from the '66 Batman show in one 13 minute video.

  • Michael Foley

    All 14 Batman climbing vertical on building scenes ....

  • Dan Haring

    All of the window cameos from the old Batman TV show

  • Beverlie Jean

    Batman TV series - Every wall climbing sequence from the Batman show in one 13 minute video. Watch it, be entertained.

  • Brittany Potter

    Every Batman '66 window cameo... Lot of ones from other 60's tv shows like Green Hornet and Addams Family!

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