Woven Dried-Fruit Tart - Martha Stewart Recipes(4 ч.воды;3/4ч коньяку;1ч.сахара; ванилин,1,5ч.л корицы, апельсиновая цедра,5 целых гвоздик,1,5ч кураги,1ч чернослива; 3/4ч сухой клюквы;желток большого яйца;2ст.л густых сливок

Pie Crust 101: By following these seven simple rules, you can produce a flaky, tender crust every time.

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Piecrust 101 from Martha Stewart.

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FANTASTIC idea!!! Mini tarts in mason jar lids ~ the lids are perfect little spring form pans so tarts & pies pop right out...These make great little gifts. It’s a homemade baked good, but it isn’t the typical cookie, quick bread or fudge. You can also do whatever flavor pie/tart you want!

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shingled crust... beautiful and easier for me than one giant piece of crust