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  • Jenn Lee

    Desert Hothouse Windowsill Greenhouse by Dunecraft

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Swirling Colors Milk Experiment | Who would have thought you could do such a colorful science experiment with milk? We had fun at our Super Science Party adding a "secret substance" that would turn a tray full of milk and food coloring into a swirling symphony of colors!

100s of cool science experiments!

Just did this quick and easy experiment with Mr. 2. As the yeast consume the sugar they produce carbon dioxide, blowing up the balloon.

Candy Cane Science Experiment {Fun holiday Science for kids}

DIY Naked Egg- use to show chemical reaction (dissolves calcium carbonate shell), semi-permeable membrane, osmosis, (equalization of water concentration). Very cool when osmosis is shown using food coloring to prove to students that the water is actually passing through the semi-permeable membrane of the naked egg.

Science experiment with magnets: Put iron-fortified cereal (like Total) in a bag with water. Let it sit for 20 min., then rub a strong magnet all around. Pull it up to the top and you'll see you've collected the actual iron from your cereal!

A website dedicated to science experiments using candy.

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Science Experiments the kids will like.