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Your tiny turtles of the day. You are welcome.

Use the following words in a ten-minute free write: 1. BENCH, 2.GRIPPED, and 3. WOODEN or GREEN. **Standards: L.5, W.3, W.10 (distinguishes among connotations such as giggle/snicker/guffaw, uses precise words/phrases, writes routinely within time frames) ** Lesson link: (Photo source link below)

TINY TURTLE INVESTIGATORS! I must now acquire tiny turtles.

aw; more babies of rare animals - I wonder if we can save some of these species this way?? Red-bellied short-necked turtle

I love this- Writing Prompt: What would a (or this) building say if it could talk?

This dog who thinks his shadow is a real, living thing. | 23 Dogs Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good

What a fun writing prompt! "This morning I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and you'll never guess what I saw..."

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Turtle- Is this a case of turtle stalking?