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Famous photographer and storm chaser Ryan McGinnis captured these stunning pictures of an arcus cloud that rolled just north of Kearney, Nebraska, on August 7th. This sweet storm’s amazing appearance is the result of great storm structure and perfect lighting, with the sun going down behind the storm and illuminating the cloud with an orange glow.

Lenticular Clouds - These aerial masterpieces only occur when air strategically flows over a mountain and into bigger, more dense clouds. #clouds #nature #inspiration

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Powerful Microburst Flattened Part of a Montana Forest in 1999 (PIC)

The Most Powerful Weather Phenomenon You've Never Heard Of: The Microburst

Powerful Nature - clouds, coast, lightning, sky, Thunderstorm. I've seen storms like this in the keys.


Professional storm chaser


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Jaw-dropping Photographs Capture the Sublime Power of Superstorms

Jaw-dropping Photographs Capture the Sublime Power of Superstorms - Photographer Mike Hollingshead makes a living out of chasing and photographing extreme weather systems

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33 Stunning Weather Photos From Readers Around the World

"Oklahoma has some of the craziest weather."....yes we do!!

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How Tornadoes Work

A tornado descends from the mesocyclone of a thunderstorm over New Mexico