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sheldon cooper heels... I would rock these.


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Nude heels that go with everything. Studded, patent and perfect.

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T-Rex High Heels - who doesn't need these? #heels #shoes #geek #dinosaur #trex #funny

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oh fabulous

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So cute #shoes #heels

Her Campusfrom Her Campus

Surprise Exercise: 5 Calorie Burning Activities You Already Do and 5 Routine Tweaks to Burn Even More

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heels-fashion heels-beautiful high heels-wedding heels-High Heels vintage heels..LOVE fashion High Heels

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Leopard heel

Thebigbangtheory Sheldoncooper

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"lou" high heels

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Sheldon Cooper ;)

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killer French heels

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heels..must have these...

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Blue: #Blue heels, John Richmond.