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  • Stacy

    This is a picture of General Robert E Lee with Traveler. What a beautiful horse.

  • Jennifer Koinski

    General Robert E Lee with Traveller, one of my favorite Civil War horses. When Lee first laid eyes upon Traveller he exclaimed he was the finest horse he'd ever seen. What I wouldnt give to have been there at that moment. Lee rode Traveller when surrendered to Grant. Grant was riding Cincinnatti, his 17 hand battle charger.

  • Paul Greene

    This is a rare picture of General Robert E Lee with Traveler. I would like to meet him and watch his actions during the Civil War. I would like to see why he sent Gen. Pickett and his men down the center of the field at Gettysburg.

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Lee to Davis regarding the loss at Gettysburg Mr. President Your note of the 27 enclosing a slip from the Charleston Mercury relative to the battle of Gettysburg is received. I much regret its general censure upon the operations of the army, as it is calculated to do us no good either at home or abroad. But I am prepared for similar criticism & as far as I am concerned the remarks fall harmless.

This photograph shows General Robert E. Lee. The picture was taken by Mathew Brady, shortly after Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. Lee is wearing his confederate uniform. At the time the photograph was taken, it was unclear what punishment might be given to Lee for his pivotal role in the Civil War.

Robert E Lee rode his mount over 40 miles a day, on rough roads and in battle; and his quick Pace and eager spirit covered so much ground that Lee re-named him "Traveller"

black-and-white-american-civil-war-photo-in-color Gen. Robt E Lee of the confederacy

Civil War Art Confederate General Robert E Lee by Brushedmemories, 15.00

General Robert E Lee, death mask.-The Constitution of the Confederate States BANNED the slave trade.

Robert E. Lee and his horse, Traveller: One of the greatest human-equine partnerships of all time. And a true "love at first sight" story. . .get out your hankies horse lovers! Read our blog story!: stargazermercanti...

General Lee He has just arrived in Richmond from Appomattox, where he had signed the surrender terms, and is seated in the basement of his Franklin Street residence between his son, Major-General G. W. C. Lee, and his aide, Colonel Walter Taylor.

General Lee was one of the most iconic and widely respected civil war generals. He joined the confederacy to lead his native state, Virginia. He repeatedly defeated the larger union armies, but had two defeats on northern territory. He was a brilliant commander, highly aggressive and set on defending his home territory. His animosity with northern General Grant was a result of Grant's larger forces, and relentless assault regardless of Lee's numerous victories, breaking down his smaller forces.

"What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors" - Robert E Lee

Mary Custis Lee, daughter of famed Confederate General Robert E. Lee. 1914