I just can't get over this...

Aziz Ansari’s food dictionary…

brilliant. if I ever have to use a wheelchair I am so wearing a mermaid fin every day.

Little old ladies in wheelchairs aren't fooling anyone.

One of my favorite geometric shapes...

One of my favorite geometric shapes…

Jimmy Kimmel's 'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy' Challenge Yields Hilarious Results..."dad, you're ugly" AND the last two kids are THE BEST!!!!  This is so funny!

WATCH: What Happens When You Tell Kids You Ate Thier Halloween Candy

I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy - Jimmy Kimmel Live. "You sneaky mom! Can watch this video over and over again and still so funny.


20 Signs You Are Basically Tom Haverford From "Parks And Recreation"

Classic Ron Swanson. Ive started watching this show occasionally just for the stuff he says! Lol

Classic Ron Swanson

Funny pictures about Classic Ron Swanson. Oh, and cool pics about Classic Ron Swanson. Also, Classic Ron Swanson photos.