Ravelry: Hooded Cloak pattern by Dillon Ekle

Ten Crochet Cowls for Men!...say what? Tommy needs on of these. Esp so it won't pull his hair out

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Crochet Chalet's Hooded Ruffled Shawl / Cape - Pattern Download

Swirl Wrap: Free Crochet Pattern - nicest version of the swirl I've seen

I have 2 pairs of these exact ones & another pair that are a lil thicker & lighter grey. I LOVE them, wear em everyday!!!!

Ravelry: Dizzy Elves Hat pattern by Healing Yarns.....free ravelry download.....sizes for baby through adult.

Crochet Pattern for Glenda's Hooded Gypsy by GlendatheGoodStitch

free irish crochet hooded cloak patterns for women | Hooded Cape Sewing Pattern

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Tunic Pattern (free)

hooded dragon blanket = necessary

Free Crochet Patterns For Shawls And Wraps

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Irish Crochet Pattern from Belvet: http://www.irishcrochetlab.com/#!product/prd3/2597829781/irish-crochet-pattern.-beige-flower-%232.

Customizable #Crochet Poncho by Patti Gonsalve

free ravelry pattern -- it has a hood too!

I can use these to keep flatware corralled in the kitchen drawers - all of which are too small for purchased plastic drawer organizers. DIY and I can do them in Dawn Treader colors! wheeee!

Ravelry: Bathroom Door Organizer pattern by Debra Arch