Ravelry: Hooded Cloak pattern by Dillon Ekle

Ten Crochet Cowls for Men!...say what? Tommy needs on of these. Esp so it won't pull his hair out

Free Crochet Patterns For Shawls And Wraps

free irish crochet hooded cloak patterns for women | Hooded Cape Sewing Pattern

Crochet Pattern for Glenda's Hooded Gypsy by GlendatheGoodStitch

Crochet Chalet's Hooded Ruffled Shawl / Cape - Pattern Download

Ravelry: Commuter Knapsack pattern by Deborah Newton in Knitting Green

Ravelry: The Hooded Poncho pattern by Sara Dudek

Pinwheel Cardigan By Amy Depew - Free Crochet Pattern (Basic Instructions) - (ravelry)

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Crochet cardi Missoni Inspiration pattern by Fashion Martina So in love with this jacket. Think I need to try and make it!

This red shawl is simply stunning so I just had to share it! I found it while browsing Ravelry. It’s the Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski.  Click on the Ravelry link for the free pattern.

Ravelry: Barcode the zebra cocoon pattern by Heidi Yates

I have wanted to make a wrap like this for a while now...

Tunic Pattern (free)

Ravelry: Reaverse socks converse slippers tennis ( english ) pattern by Rea Jarvenpaa

Ravelry: Crocheted ties pattern by Susie Johns/ It would be so neat to do a multi-colored one for men's rector or spir. dir.

Ravelry: Country Cotton Shawl - free crochet pattern by Lion Brand Yarn - gorgeous in all simplicity!

Crochet web skirt--free pattern on Ravelry - LOVE it!