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Lucky bitch.

"Not me, nope. Physically, I don't bloat. It's a gift." Favorite part. I love Melissa McCarthy!

Love it

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: 2014 Edition

'You killed our love fern.' Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey as Alex and Ben (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,

Help me. I'm Poor. #humor

Help Me. I'm Poor

Best part of this entire movie! Me & Sara laughed practically the entire movie!

Oh, hi I’m Helen. You’re from Milwaukee? Oh, I’m sorry. Have you met Lillian? She’s my best friend. Oh yeah I know we’ve only known each other for five minutes!

"Have you met Lillian? She's my best friend, we've known each other for 5 minutes.Oh, you live in Milwaukee?

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Jumpstreet - Must watch this again! SO funny! An actual laugh out loud movie :)

The mixture of relief and panic when you finally got yours. | The 23 Most Mortifying Milestones On Your Way To Womanhood

The 23 Most Mortifying Milestones On Your Way To Womanhood

I feel like I wanna mutder someone and now also I want soft pretzels. - Jess, New Girl. PMS has never been described so perfectly.

Is Mama June pregnant? Watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 3 finale

Funny Honey Boo Boo Moments I feel better about my life already.

Cootie Queen

you son of a biscuit eating bull dog! what the french toast! you thought i wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen! haha loved that commercial!

Bridesmaids – Bloopers

▶ Bridesmaids Bloopers Gag Reel ( skip ahead to to the scene with Jon Hamm and Kristin Wiig, killin me)

Best movie ever................

Bridesmaids - I'm not a fan of the entire movie, but bits and pieces are pretty funny. I love the big woman.