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from Teachers Pay Teachers


A simple worksheet that gives the definition of euphemism and some additional information. A list of nineteen examples with space for students to write

from Levo League

19 Changes to Make in Your 20s to Set Yourself Up for Lifelong Success

the grown-up reading and writing "secrets" that explain all the crazy sounds that letters make when they get together in words.... Kids could read and write anything with these!

Zaption pulls videos from YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, or National Geographic. After choosing your video, start watching it then pause it when you want to add a question. You can add questions in the form of multiple choice, open response, or check box response. When students watch the video they will see your questions appear in the context in which you set them. The link also lets you check out K-12 examples....

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Ell word walls for pearson readers

ELL Word Wall Bundle has nineteen Powerpoints depicting vocabulary words and/or phrases to help your students comprehend the following ELL Pearson readers. They have been left in Powepoint for you to edit to meet the needs of your students. This ELL Word Wall Bundle contains 19 Powerpoint products.See links below for full descriptions and previews for each product included in this bundle:Making A Difference in DenmarkThe Story of SueLove, EnidFinding HomeEyes in the SkiesFor Purple…