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Make these to hold Easter eggs, but use them as Boo-boo bunnies, holding an ice cube, after Easter.  Best washcloths to use  are the cheap, thin pastel colored ones.

How to make a washcloth bunny to hold Easter eggs, or a boo boo bunny to soothe little ouchies. Boo Boo Bunny If a boo-boo has you feeling crummy, Stick an ice cube in my tummy. Hold it to your boo-boo tight, Soon everything will be alright!

Dress up a bag of jelly beans as the Easter bunny with pompoms and scraps of craft foam.

Fill a plastic bag with colorful jelly beans, then decorate with pompom and foam bunny parts to make this easy jelly bean bunny.

Washcloth Bunny Tutorial

Washcloth Bunny Kid’s Craft

We called these boo boo bunnies growing up! Put an ice cube in the body part and then put it on the boo boo. Turn a washcloth into a cute little bunny

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washcloth easter bunny - reminds me of childhood I loved my boo boo Bunnies and so did my boys!

BOO-BOO BUNNIES. If you have a toddler then this is a great project to do with them. It will even help your little ones too. Boo-boo bunnies are soft little bunnies the serve as and ice pack. All of the pictures that are on this instructable are from familycrafts.about.com


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BooBoo Bunny~Just insert a frozen plastic ice cube

Washcloth Animals Craft -my kids called these boo-boo bunnies. I would place a plastic reusable ice cube in the body for them to hold on their injury

i want to make this for Easter next year to hide for the first one to find it gets a prize

My mom used to put an ice cube in instead of the egg for bumps & called them boo-boo bunnies.

how to make Easter bunnies out of washcloths,

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