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little bundle

puppy-love Aww, don't you just love this most adorable, cutest, and sweetest. Isn't it just super cute and amazingly beautiful and awesome! Awww, just look at it! Loving it all the way here! Love it!

Such a cutie!

"Wet Puppy" ---- [Pirate Scott's Golden Retriever ~ *Dylan* ~ after his first swim in the pool.]~[Photo by Pirate Scott (Scott Beckner) - April 4

Does anyone else get the image of Star Wars Ewoks in their head?

it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok

Shih poo Cupcakes. Credit: Picture from Shih Poo Nation FB page.

'pupcakes' instead of cupcakes, it just made me laugh! Brittany used to call cupcakes pupcakes!

Happy #HumpDay Everyone! We all know it’s still not Friday, but at least we are a day closer!

We want to Squeeze! This little fur ball won't grow much larger and is perhaps the cutest dog in the world. The reason it's hard to figure out the breed is that it's a Pomeranian with a haircut. This is Boo, the worlds cutest dog. Check out his FB page!