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  • Ben Swofford

    What Is Google AdWords? — Not exactly SoMe, but useful info for digital marketing. — PPC University

  • ariesti

    What Is Google AdWords and How Does the AdWords Auction Work?

  • Shaw Website Design Group

    adwords Infographic: Understanding Google AdWords Auction

  • Brianne Higo

    Word Stream's infographic "How Does the #AdWords Auction Work?" explains the bidding process of #GoogleAdWords. The process starts with a query and then the ad rank of the website determines the amount that will be paid. All #AdWord factors are listed and explained in detail through equations. 9/10

  • Expand YOUR Brand Consulting

    How To Advertise On Google #adwords #google #advertising #keyword #social #media #marketing

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This is a great PPC info graphic that gets into the facts and figures of paid search.

Google for Business - if you are focused and consistent in the type of information you share on Google+ this may actually be a great curation tool all by itself.

A detailed info graphic on how Google AdWords functions and delivers keyword-specific advertisements.

O Google gera milhões de dólares por causa da complexidade do #Adwords e par do facto dos anunciantes não compreenderem completamente como gerir as campanhas. Este #infographic diz-nos como é que o Google Adwords funciona e como pode começar a tirar partido desta.

The most expensive keywords in Google AdWords

How Do Google AdWords Work? - Pay the most money, and you can get your text-only ad to be number one on Google, right? The Google AdWords system is far more complicated than that. A good “Quality Score” gives an edge to advertisers, even if they aren’t the highest bidder. “Ad Extensions” mean that ads can show pictures, maps, ratings and more.

AdWords Auction Infographic