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    Haha! Truth. valérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindler Bozhkova @Ashley Walters Walters O'Marra @Leslie Lippi Lippi Babin We should make these!

    Cat lady exercises. Lol

    I laughed so hard at this!

    Love Mayhem

    Best Rob moment ever. He wins

    I ain’t saying she a gold digger…

    my life now

    Exactly how I feel whenever I see pictures like this all over teh interwebz (or in stories).


    Forget the condom and i would totally hand these out to everyone i know!


    Omg. I love this. Hahaha!

    Toddler Facebook News Feed!

    Roll down the window...

    true haha

    Petting chart for cats

    British people do sit around trying to talk in an American accent....i'm in love


    How to catch Santa…

    Psychology Major Rat

    Written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts. This would be a great ice-breaker for journal writing.

    The Defibrillator Toaster My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!” “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DANGIT!!! NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!” He’s bread, Jim. Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast! JESUS CRUST. JAM IT! “Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.” --i pinned this simply for the description.

    Earth fur, you guys.

    wake 'n' bake perfection