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    A great game that's sure to make you laugh and make your party memorable.



    Guilty. Hahaha.

    Public Service Announcement just so everyone is aware for the upcoming weeks for me lol

    NHL playoff time!

    Life on hold indefinitely for NHL playoffs.

    I deeply apologize that hockey games take unwavering precedence over our well-tenured friendship.


    Especially the guy who parked his ginormous Jeep so close to my car I had to get in on the passenger side!


    Funny Pictures Of The Day

    I Am Still Just A Rat In A Cage

    Don’t sugarcoat it…

    Lol yes!!! Sorry for the language but do my job and then tell me you have a clean mouth (in your mind).

    This occasionally happens...

    90s-Themed Someecards: Shes all like, Oooh, Justin Bieber is so hot! And Im all like, Psht, hes no Jonathan Taylor Thomas.


    LOL!! ;-)


    Must love hockey

    So true