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Hippotenuse…OMG!! I just snorted out loud! Luckily I'm a math teacher, so I'm cool like that!,, lol!

Neurons Not Included™from Neurons Not Included™

Dear Math Funny Coffee or Tea Mug

Dear Math Funny Coffee or Tea Mug NEED FOR MY TEACHER

"HA! You wouldn't know an isosceles if it bit you in the Hypotenuse! Really, Frank - Sometimes you're so Obtuse. --- And you're always Right, Vivian." #MathJokes #MathHumor

SnorgTeesfrom SnorgTees

Pi Be Rational

math <3

SnorgTeesfrom SnorgTees

There Is A Fine Line Between Numerator And Denominator

T-shirt gift for dad?

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Pi rates Get it?

<3 math humor haha math joke for u @Lydia Squire Squire Galbraith