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(The dreaded Christmas sweater) Youve had your fun, now TAKE IT OFF! This cat gives Grumpy cat a run for his money...

Begin with the following starter, "My Great Uncle Terrance suggested I come in so I could meet his new pet.": God, Giant Rabbit, Pets, Amazing Animals, Bunnies, Animals Menagerie, Flemish Giant

this is one of the sweetest little stories


25 Travel-Sized Animals You Can Take With You Wherever You Go

I love marmosets they're the cutest things ever!!!

....uh...I don't even have words. I cannot stop staring....and laughing...but mostly, I am so confused.

This is the "world's cutest ugly kitty" and the photos raise money for an animal shelter. Bravo!

The Quokka, known as 'the happiest animal in the world', is native to small islands off the coast of Western Australia. Elisa Detrez

(Bless her heart) After adopting Quasi, the cute ugly cat, from a shelter, her new owner used Quasi's photos to raise funds for animals shelters. Note: No one officially know the origin of Quasi's “look,” but the general theory is she has a cleft lip that was never corrected and connects to her eye. Appearances aside, Quasi is a very much-loved kitty!

Ahhh this so cute I can't stand it. I've NEVER been a cat person, but I want to bite her little face off, she's so cute.


Universal Animal Truth

Universal Animal Truth - So much wolfy hiney to skritch! That wolf has such a dreamy expression on its face! As for the kitty, I can hear it saying "These boxes, all of them, are my personal spots."

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

i don't usually like cats...but i want it.