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  • Magdalyn Morrison

    id live with a pitt bull or 2. people are too easy to judge without thought. I had a pitt and Smack was just one more joy in my life GOD blessed me with. He was afraid of bad weather and cameras. he weighed 98lbs.:/:/:/: Oh, how funny! My 75lb girl shivers if you tell her she's a bad girl because one more time she shredded my kleenex. Oh, my baby.

  • Kimmy Tucker

    #dog #dogs #puppy #pitbull

  • Ashley Griffin

    Protective dogs EVER to protect your OWN FAMILY!! Always loved pit bulls!!! Perfect for training..OBVIOUSLY. They were trained to be mean & fight..they aren't all born like that.all dogs & people could turn out crazy!...

  • Leslie Cobb

    daddy and baby :)) don't crop your dogs ears, either, people.

  • Belynda Darnell

    Beautiful bully babies!!! <3 pitbulls!!

  • Lynn Silagyi-Morris

    Pitbulls-reminds me that it's not the dog that's bad but the owner who makes them that way......beautiful animals!

  • Meghan G Rodriguez

    That is one handsome dog. Love pitties!

  • Tara Michelle

    Pitbulls <3 Bullies need love, too!

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pit bulls where also called the nanny dogs that proves how loving they are some people can be mean i hope they can see the love in pit bulls they are loving and caring animals i have three wonderful pit bulls best animals ever


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happy pitbull stretch...omg this looks like my riend Megans little man Sampson!! such a sweet baby!!!