• Brailee Ogden

    Shaving lotion. Gonna do this with coconut oil instead of the shampoo and conditioner!

  • Rain Salce

    DIY DIY shaving lotion tutorial. Tested and it works just as good as name brand shaving lotions. You can now save money and trips to the shopping mart because you have your own homemade shaving cream! Ingredients - 4 Tbsp solid shea butter -3 Tbsp coconut oil -2 Tbsp jojoba oil - 10-12 drops pure lavender essential oil, optional

  • Bri

    DIY-Shaving-Lotion It works! #DIY #beauty #homemade #products #face #skin #body #hair #mask

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How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil 1. recipe for making Magnesium Oil to spray on the skin 1 cup magnesium chloride flakes 1 cup pure water Note: If you would like to start with a lesser concentration then try 1/3 a cup of magnesium chloride flakes with 2/3 cup of pure water or even less if you have particularly sensitive skin.

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Equals $1.34 a gallon for body wash! Definitely going to do this!!

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ARMPIT CANDY..Use daily under clean underarms for super odor fighting protection!Put a small amount under the arms for 18 hour protection! Antiperspirant deodorant contains some very toxic chemicals and heavy metals we invite in our bodies every time we rub them on our skin.Ingredients: Coconut Oil,Shea Butter,Corn Starch,Sodium Bicarbonate Fragrances available: Citrus Orange Peel Oil,Peppermint Oil,Frankincense, Black Cherry,Tutti Frutti,Strawberry, Green Apple Jollyrancher Sz. 1.5 oz $3.85

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