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    This cuteness is what happens when you put pit bulls in a photo booth!

    Never hesitate to adopt a black cat! They are the least adopted color of cats due to a stupid superstition. I love dark, grey or black cats, they are so elegant

    What did you say? I'm pretty, oh yeah I know.

    bunny nap


    um, hai.

    black white kitten | cat | chilling out on the lounge | armchair | sweet | kitty cat | relax | chill

    Boston Terrier

    Bindi Blue by kimberly ann kern on Flickr.


    Modern Hepburn

    by Gleb Skrebets

    Today, you will succeed!


    Truth? #cat #love

    i'm flying!

    Baby bunny. In a bowl.

    sweet doggie

    sweet buddy

    oh my goodness