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I used this graphic organizer when I read the story Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland.  As we read the story, we wrote the definitions of each of the angles.  Then, we practiced drawing examples of the angles using protractors.I hope that you find this graphic organizer useful!Please leave us feedback if you download this product!Also, follow our store for updates on more freebies and new downloads by clicking follow at the top of the page.Also, for more ideas, check out our…

Collaboration Cuties: Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland {A Math Must Read Mentor Text for Teaching Angles}

Comprehensive Posts about Math Journaling for Guided Math or Any Math Schedule -Lots of Ideas!

The Math Journal Component ~ WOW! This post is packed with fabulous ideas. :) Love the idea to use journals as a "math tub" activity with a spiraled skill. Look into the ones the teacher made on TPT.

Easy Tangram Challenges for kids - perfect for math centers or using as a "sponge" activity when you have extra time

Fun Tangram Challenges for kids - perfect for math centers to reinforce geometry concepts

Yummy way to teach angles w/ toothpicks and marshmallows. We did this today, and the kids LOVED it! We added parallel lines, and lines that were no parallel. We taped to a page, adding the heading Angles and Lines. GREAT!

Yummy way to teach angles w/ toothpicks and marshmallows. Doing this tomorrow, and adding parallel lines.

Real World connections for angles

Great math journal idea for obtuse, acute, and right angles. Students find angles in their environment.

Angle bulletin board...could have used this last week when I put mine up. This one's way cuter.

angle bulletin board- have students find and photograph examples of each angle throughout the school to add to the board

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Lines and Angles

Unit Basics of Geometry ~ The Grade May-niacs: Lines and Angles.I love that there is a foldable and she include dot paper to help them create the lines and angles.

Geometry Here, Geometry There! Geometry, Geometry EVERYWHERE!

Students create geometric figures and label photos with the geometric properties.

I hopped on tonight wanting to show you my Daily 5 tubs and realised I left my hard drive with the photos on it at school. So all your gett...

Down Under Teacher: Guided Math TIME T=Teachers Choice I=Independent work M= Mental maths or Maths Facts E= Essential Revison

Multiple Monster and Factor Ninja - A great way to help kids remember multiples and factors! Young Teacher Love Blog by Kristine Nannini

Young Teacher Love: Factors and Multiples - anchor charts and making posters as a formative assessment. Great to par with factor ninja app