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stones: affirming stones

Great way to display your favorite quotes and inspirations - on beautiful stones. DIY simple gifts of inspiration. How to create simple art of favorite quotes.

MESSAGE STONES Motivational Affirmative Stones, Keepsake Gift, Graduation Gift…

Even something this simple and some one unexpected to find it and they do it could brighten there day get involved people *love on the rocks uk*

Favorite words

Fruit of the spirit wood sign.just seeing this sign makes the kids "Fruit of The Spirit Song" pop into my head.and every time I think of that song it's so catchy it gets stuck there.

Painted Rock creatures for the garden:

14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 11

Painted Rock creatures for the garden - love this grumpy faces to hide in the moss between my ferns.Troll faces, I will make a Detritus for my garden.

We're raving about the latest movie War Room which has united so many Christians around the nation to get in their prayer closets. Here's a few

10 Ideas to Create Your Own War Room

Prayer Pail/Praying for others: sticks could be blank: people could write a prayer request on one and put it back in pail. Then, they could take a stick that is already written on and pray for that one.

Black and white chalkboard verse free printables! | "They print out great on white cardstock, and really do look like they are little chalkboards,"

Black and white chalkboard verse free printables! Comforting Verses: 1 Corinthians 1 Peter 1 Thessalonians 2 Corinthians Colossians Exodus Isaiah Proverbs Psalm and Revelation