number chains

Begin teaching NUMBER BONDS by using Use paper chains in different colours ti demonstrate. To the tune of Row Row Row your boat 9 and 1 are number bonds 8 and 2 are friends 7 and 3 6 and 4 5 and 5 are twins. Later, have them show it different ways.

Number line with pipe cleaner and a bead to use for addition and subtraction problems. ~Mrs. Bohatys Kindergarten Kingdom: Math tools

Laminate a number ladder, cut small slits in top & bottom & add a pipe-cleaner with a small bead. Use the bead to slide up & down as you complete addition & subtraction problems (",). could do the same thing with a horizontal number line.

First Grade Fever!: French Fry Math Center FREEBIE & a Super-Big Thank You!

First Grade Fever!: French Fry Math Center FREEBIE & a Super-Big Thank You! As weeks go by keep adding french fries to the different numbers. It reinforces how many ways you can get to the same number

Cool Teach - Adventures in Teaching: Numbers

Clothes Hanger Math: Any number is placed in the middle. Students create their own problem and display it on the hanger.

Number bond kites | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Creative way to reinforce addition math facts on kites! Have students write the facts on the kite's tail that equal to the number on the kite!

Making Math Fun With Unifix Cubes- a great way for kids to visualize and understand too!

Making Math Fun With Unifix Cubes

Unifix cubes are a concrete representation of addition/number bonds. Building the bond with the Unifix cubes is what develops number sense. Great use for flash cards instead of looking for just memorization

ALL ABOUT ME MATH - This is really cute!  If mine was younger I'd snatch it up and frame it! | Teachers | Math Worksheet | Fun Learning

All About Me Math

Math Activity All About Me Math! A fun class activity for the end of the year!

Fun interactive activity for students to display different multiplication arrays.

Include a large multiplication array chart in the classroom to allow for an interactive math experience for the students. Students can analyze the change in various contexts and describe qualitative change with the different arrays.

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Addition and subtraction anchor charts to help the kids remember which way to go on the number line. For even more visual support, place arrows above or below a number line in the direction of subtraction or addition.

Easy Math Activity

Clothespin Easy Math Activity with FREE Printable

Math Facts drill WITHOUT writing. Clothespin Easy Math Activity with FREE Printable. Try it for multiplication and division facts.

Gotta start saving those water bottle lids!!  Great idea for a math center! But I'm also thinking I can use bottle caps for lots of other centers!

Use water bottle lids for math center. You can get water bottle lids from upcycle places :-) good idea for multiplication facts!