• Christine Houston

    How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable by *SVeidt on deviantART. Story of my life.

  • BJ Wishinsky

    I love Love LOVE this, especially the whole "hamster ball" idea! How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable by *SVeidt on deviantART

  • Miriam Shmiriam!

    The guide to me! How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable by SVeidt.deviantart.com

  • Catherine Menefee

    How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable by =SchroJones on deviantART--not strictly funny, but so true of me

  • Casidhe Lee

    A Guide to Understanding Introverts

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Charles I of England. Had it not been for his loss and execution in the English Civil War, many of my ancestors would not have come to the New World!

January 30, 1649 – King Charles I of England is beheaded after the monarchy is overthrown by Oliver Cromwell

Charles I of England and Queen Henrietta Maria - Coques, Gonzales ca. 1600's

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Henriette Mary of France with her husband, the English King Charles I.

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The Kings and Queens of England, busts in oval frames, in four rows of four, with the names, dates and burial places of each below; second plate, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, William III, Mary II, Anne, George I and George II; lettered state. Mezzotint

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the wedding of Princess Mary Henrietta Stuart, the eldest daughter of Charles I and William of Orange which took place in the Chapel Royal at Whitehall on Sunday 2nd of May back in 1641.

Mauritia is a fantastic website where Mauritia Katharina Petra Kirchner and Ricarda Wienert show their 18th century clothing designs. The company name is Reine des Centfeuilles. They have a lot of pictures and good information about different types of garments from the 1700's, and I love their reproductions. They have actually been inspired by authentic clothing! Check out the site now!

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Gaston Jean-Baptiste de France (25 April 1608 – 2 February 1660), duc d'Orléans, and Louis XIII's brother. He was Louis XIV's uncle, of course. He only had daughters and was probably rather disappointed when his nephew was born, as he was no longer first in line in the succession. Anthony van Dyck portrait of 1632 or 1634 (Musée Condé, Chantilly), just before his hopes were dashed with Louis' birth in 1638.


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