How to tame the kitchen clutter

Organizing Paperwork for Dummies! :-)

There is plenty to gain when we let go of all the clutter. In her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo offers insight into the Japanese art of tidying, or releasing ourselves from the clutter that threatens chaos. ...

30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha!

Are you frustrated by all the papers that come into your house daily? Put a simple system into place with this post on how to organize paperwork.

organize kitchen papers - I hate having papers clutter up the counter! This is a great idea!

Paper Clutter - mail, school papers, appliance manuals, bills, coupons, recipes, magazines,'s all there and links to other home organization tips.

Great system for keeping track of all those important family documents and papers coming home from school

Another one.....

Home Cleverness - Cut the paper clutter! You need that sports schedule, the business cards, the carryout menu, but what you don't need are those stacks of papers shifting from one vertical spot to the next. Create a FREE home reference binder to corral your paper clutter.

How to Conquer Paper Clutter

This woman's blog is outstanding! If you need organization...Pin now, look later.

Okay I want to live in this woman's house or have her organize mine. This is amazing, ridiculous, overwhelming....all of it! Dollar tree items. Look at this Blog, Lots of Great storage/organizing ideas !

Getting rid of the paper clutter doesn't have to be difficult! Here are some practical ways to eliminate the paper clutter via Clean Mama

How to Purge Like a Reformed Hoarder by #organize #clutter

20 ways to #organize your #car

Upcycle a Bathroom Shower Caddy (with suction cups on back) into a Charging Station - gets rid of counter clutter! Perfect because the lotion bottle one was too small.

Organize your life. (really inspiring lists, goals, life planning)

Some great insight and tips on reducing or eliminating paper piles. I love decluttering ideas. I clutter

Holy smokes. She has how-tos on every single thing in your house. I love to craft. I have a lot of crafts. I need a better craft items organization system.