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Mail organizer - did this!! Works great. Got rid of all of the piles.

Busted for One of My Clutter Tricks- this is SO me! Gotta get rid of that paper clutter

It takes too long to find remote controls in their usual hiding spot, between cushions on the sofa. If you're looking for a more convenient place to keep them, put a wide-mouth vase or other good-looking container on your side table and put all of your remotes inside. This would have saved me a lot of aggravation last week when I knocked a glass of water over on my side table :/

Cutting Board/Drawer inverted & made into a butcher block over Trash can.

Struggling with paper piles at your house? This post shares the keys I've taken to eliminate almost all of the paper piles at our house. It's not at all as hard as it may seem. I dare you to try the system and see if it works for you, too!