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    Dear future husband We are doing this

    If ever I marry, my wedding will be medieval themed. I the king and her my queen. Guys can have dream weddings too.

    My adopted mother just gave me the wedding dress that she and her mother wore on their wedding day saying "I want you to keep it in the family" I literally cried in the closet as I put it on!

    "I'm getting married this summer but my dad passed away yesterday. One of the first things my older brother said to me was "I'll walk you down the aisle. It's my job now.""

    "A woman should not be picking out her engagement ring. It should be picked out of love by the man who gives it to her. No matter the size or price of it, she should wear it with pride!"

    "I can't show him, so I'm showing you guys. My wedding shoes!!! ♥"

    "Nobody knows that my husband and I were high on shrooms during our wedding."

    "Having a wedding is basically looking all your friends and family in the face and saying "Hey, I'm having sex tonight""

    "I'm walking in converse instead of heels when I get married."

    I'll probably wear Converse to my own wedding.

    "I want to get married just so I can wear a Disney inspired wedding dress!"

    "I already found my dream wedding ring, wedding dress, bridesmaids, and the color theme. Basically it is all planned out on Pinterest. I just need a husband."

    There's only one thing my perfectly detailed wedding plans are missing: a fiancé. #lol #weddings

    My husband and I built a blanket fort in our living room since we couldn't afford a honeymoon #love #wedding #marriage #DIY

    "'I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once' SO going into my wedding vows! #tfios #thefaultinourstars

    When we were 9 he said I had "cooties" When we were 13 he said I was "cute" Now we're 26 and we said "I do"

    When my beautiful bride walked down the aisle, I thought her dress was hideous.

    I'm a wedding planner, and I can always tell which marriages will fail or last

    I said yes....but planning a wedding without my mom is terrifying. I wish she was still alive.

    I hope my future husband doesn't mind our wedding cake

    My first time will be on my wedding night with my husband

    Dear future husband, we are so doing this.

    I'm a wedding planner. I have created the most beautiful weddings you can imagine. I've also ruined many marriages by sleeping with the grooms.

    I truly believe this will never happen to me