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I danced with two people at my wedding. The one I married, and the one I wish I married instead.

We found out the sex of our baby today. I was worried that he wasn't excited it was a girl. Tonight I caught him watching YouTube videos on braiding hair.

"MY FAVORITE TYPE OF PEOPLE: When you're telling a story and everyone's talking over you, but one person makes direct eye contact with you and pays extra attention so you don't get discouraged."

Hey, I hope you get a text from someone you like real soon. I hope your lunch tastes good, that you find $20 on the ground and I hope that thing you were dreading turns out well

I've done it. Walked out of the house with a suitcase and got in a taxi. Left my abusive husband.

My first love invited me to his wedding. His mom hugged me and whispered "it should be you up there sweetie". I almost couldn't control the tears.