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This is nostalgic cuz we used to do this as kids and the best roads were the curvy ones. Country roads and charlaps back in the day.

The trick, kiddo,” his mom replies slowly. “Is finding someone who complements you instead of completes you. You need to be complete on your own.

Impolite as the language might be, its very true-ironic. Wanting things to be better, trying/wanting to help, bringing them out, leaving-they get offended after how they acted, in defense mode, try to justify/blame/hurt you more. People like this are sick cowards when they trash someone/what's most important in their life.

SOUTHERN Distances: Up yonder a ways. Down the road a piece. As the crow flies. Down by the crick. Just over the next hill. Through the tall woods.

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That's not true. And if it was, then that basically just means beautiful girls are all dumb and pick mean guys. Hmm maybe a guy dumped her because she was really shallow. Because any girl who reposts this will basically be saying she's one of those and she's calling herself beautiful. What guy wants to be with that?

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Love me a good ol country boy.. and I got me a pretty cute one!

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