Gavin Rossdale looked oh-so-badass rocking sleek shield sunnies and a slicked-back hair-do during a stroll with his puppy pal!

Holy crap, this fluffball is cute!!!

Pomeranians are so cute!!!

Pomeranian | WOOFipedia, provided by the American Kennel Club

Pomeranian::A Spitz type breed of dog named for the Pomerania region in Central Europe. Classed as a toy breed because of its small size, they are descended from the larger Spitz types - specifically the German Spitz. The breed has been made popular by a number of royal owners since the 17th century.

Pomeranian mama with baby,I really think there is no statement for this pic,just plain LOVE,thats what POMS are made of!

I cant wait till I have a house and can get one of these little fluffers <3



Pomeranians :)

Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix



Pomeranian #piano


Roar from Bubbles the Pomeranian (a Friendly Mini-Lion)

Baby Pomeranians look like hamsters...

38 Brillant Dog Care Ideas to Make Your Life easier!

baby golden snub-nosed monkey - wow! It looks like my Pomeranian cousin! I should add this pet to my brood!

One of my favorite things about Munich is that, for whatever reason, when she finds herself flying across the room, she picks up her landing gear and points her nose. Yes, my dog understand slipstream aerodynamics. God help us.