Start Loving Lipstick: I know, I know—we all own, and love, glosses galore! But trust me on this one. Lipstick is the best way to balance out statement frames, like embellished Swarovski sunglasses or angular vibrant red Police shades. So next time you are at the drugstore, pick up a long-lasting L’Oreal Paris lippie for the perfect coat of hydrating color. Also, NARS makes the most amazing Velvet Matte Lip Pencils that I highly recommend for saturated shades.

.*Red sunglasses and matching lips.*

19 Essential Statement-Making Glasses Frames. Totally thinking about getting two pairs of new glasses. I would die for a red pair. | See more about Ray Bans, Glasses and Sunglasses.

blue shirt black jeans

Your are lovely and noble black swan with this look. #eyewear #women #fashion #polyvore

Statement Necklace | #TheLook

Your daily dose of street style inspiration—see all the best looks here.

Reflective Wayfarer | Summer 2013 Sunglasses Trends: Make a Statement | The Look | | #theLOOK

Fashion Fanatic: Take advantage of those giant fall fashion issues and tear out the looks you love from your must-have magazines—or if you’re feeling web savvy, start a Pinterest board featuring your favorite bloggers! This will help you focus on the wardrobe pieces you’re coveting most for the season ahead, and you can shop accordingly.

Cute Outfit

Must-Have Spexy Spring Essentials:

Chic Oversized | Summer 2013 Sunglasses Trends: Make a Statement | The Look | | #theLOOK

Miroslava Duma in bright yellow, oversized, cabled sweater and pleaded pants. Very chic! Paris Fashion Week, Street style.

Stylishly Sporty: Pay careful attention to what you need from your frames in the days leading up to your shopping trip. When you are out running, do you feel like your current pair is moving around a tad too much? Would your performance benefit from more protection from the sun by opting for something slightly larger? Make a wish list of five features (one of them can be to perfectly match your snazzy new sneaks—no judgments here!) and bring it with you to the store.

Be Obsessive About Eye Cream: Lenses can magnify the delicate skin around your eyes, so hydration is a must! If you are up for a splurge, look no further than Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream. Dab your index finger along your eyes’ contours morning and night, or anytime throughout the day when you feel like that area could use a little extra love. Trust me, with some moisturizing, your eyes will appear flawless, especially under these tortoise Chloé frames with a quintessential keyhole bridge.

Chantal Thomass Eyewear with a French Twist:

Chantal Thomass: An Ode to Feminine Beauty:

Helena Christensen in spectacles

Wear Glasses? Try This Simple Makeup Tip for Instant Geek Glamour!: Girls in the Beauty Department: Beauty:

From Audrey Hepburn to Tilda Swinton, we’ve narrowed down the eleven best movie sunglasses of all time—and how to get their character-defining looks.