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Translucent Slate

Swanky Pair

Monday August


Gray Specs

Orbital Pleasure

2014 Keeping

Abc Times

Multitasks busted out a swanky pair of translucent, slate-gray specs as he signs autographs for fans



Lenny Kravitz Karla Xo

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Loving Lenny

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Rocker Lenny

Star Tracks: Friday, September 19, 2014 | PEACE OF MIND | Rocker Lenny Kravitz puts up a peace sign for his fans while in New York City on Thursday.

Fabulous Fallon

Yummy Fallon

Peace The 60 S

Peace Love

Fallon Nbc

Jimmy Fallon ️ ️ ️

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Hero Jimmy

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Jimmy Fallon


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We need more men like this... Classy, quirky, dorky, and respectful. Gotta love Jimmy Stewart. #JimmyStewart

Marilynmonroe Bertstern

1962 Photographed

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Sitting Monroe

Stern 1962

Bert Stern

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Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern.

Peace Hallelujah

Smith Freshprince

Sign 36

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Peace Out

36 Photos

Will Smith



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Stark Aka

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Robert Downey Jr

oh baby I hope that sign isn't for peace if you know what I meaaaaan ✌

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Bruce Lee

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Robin Mclaurin Williams

Robin Williams - 1951 - 2014. The world just lost a truly gifted soul - you brought so much joy & laughter to us all. My heart is heavy. RIP, dear Robin.

Supermansion Panel

Alongside Bryan

Convention Attendees

Splitting Seth

Seth Green

2015 Star

Star Sightings

Bryan Cranston


Seth Green from Comic-Con 2015: Star Sightings The Comic-Con veteran flashes a peace sign to convention attendees during the SuperMansion panel, which he stars in alongside Bryan Cranston.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

10 Facts That Prove The World Isn't All Bad

Middle Fingers

Peace And Love

Make Peace

Peace On Earth

The Peace

Inner Peace

World Peace

Peace Man

Peace Love Happiness

"I don't always make a peace sign, but when I do, I use my middle finger to do it.." repinned for comment..ahahaha