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Sprightly cut-out and curved temples, nifty clip-on lenses, zizag and linear accents, two-toned and glossy effects

Pattern by Robyn Britz

Colors: The girls will be all over fun pinks and purples, two-tones and translucent hues. Boys, on the other hand, will look handsome in charming neutrals, blues and greens.

Hand painted Ms. Pac-Man frames. Perfect for any hipster-geek.

Traditional rectangles with Clubmaster- and aviator-inspired bridges, sporty wraparounds and shields, funky squares

Aztec, animal and floral prints, luminous and ombré finishes, quintessential keyhole bridges, cutesy appliques and gemstones


Flexon Specs for the Coolest of Kiddies: http://eyecessorizeblog.com/2015/06/flexon-specs-coolest-kiddies/

strawberry vintage wallpaper from iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

PINEAPPLES Art Print by Y.COH | Society6

GEO 80’S PRINT PATTERN by ainams©

glassandbones: Autumn feel - coloured pencil and pen on paper www.glassandbones.com

Statement-making and demure cat-eyes, classical wayfarers and aviators, studious oval and almond silhouettes

Stately turquoises and navy blues, earthy olives, crystal clears, radiant reds, oranges, yellows and limes

Playful pinks and purples, eye-catching blues and yellows, soft color blocking, pops of tortoise and horn washes

Kiddies Get Framed for Back-to-School: http://eyecessorizeblog.com/?p=6070