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Today my father threatened to vote for Trump if I didn't go on a family outing...  I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough.

Someone from Florence, Alabama, US posted a whisper, which reads "Today my father threatened to vote for Trump if I didn't go on a family outing.

funny house sitter

Emails from the house sitter // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I just found my 14y old daughter crying in her room. She said when Trump actually wins he's going to destroy everything. We live in germany.

Agreed 14 year old girl. Also a 14 year old girl I am yelling and crying over the ridiculousness of Donald Trump.

Suddenly.... CANADA!

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.

This is extra funny because it's Indianapolis. I wonder if it's the same day the lady stole the milk (that I WAS NOT buying for the "blizzard") right out of my basket.

Walmart before the blizzard…

walmart people Walmart before the blizzard. The last photograph is pretty funny! lol I live there. Some state we are.

Its so weird that people can just have a child. I mean you have to pass a lot of tests just to drive a car, but with children its just like You go ahead, Im sure youll figure it out.

Fruit discrimination

How come "you're a peach" is a complement but "you're bananas" is an insult? Why are we allowing fruit discrimination to tear society apart?>>>> I FREAKING LOVE THE WHISPER APP

I HAVE FOUND MY KIND   (Normal person: I see that I can surprisingly relate to this)

Someone from Culpeper, Virginia, US posted a whisper, which reads "I think normal things in weird ways. Example: Normal people: "I have a child." Me: "I own a tiny human.

Probably... Although I have had vibes of fearsome qualities from those I've met in the past, and have always listened to it...

I wonder if I’ve ever walked by a murderer who looked at me and thought ‘nah, not that one' <<on average you walk around 37 murderers in your life time

Last night I had a customer whose total was $6.66. After never having a customer with that total it really made me wonder if I just served ice cream to Satan

If my toddler falls asleep as I'm driving, I buy myself an ice cream at a drive through, then get rid of the evidence before he wakes up.

If you ever find an abandoned puppy which you want to take home, make sure it’s not something else. For example, a coyote. This is exactly how Justin Bogh felt when his wife Kayla Eby sent him a pic of a “cute little dog” she “found” outside which was obviously a coyote. His reaction was priceless. Justin even jokingly asked for a divorce.

This Woman’s Coyote Prank On Her Husband Has Me In Tears Laughing

Must Be Monday; I laughed way too hard at this.

Must Be Monday

Funny pictures about Must Be Monday. Oh, and cool pics about Must Be Monday. Also, Must Be Monday photos.

Messy bun (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post155435315&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

Someone from Bradford, England, GB posted a whisper, which reads "I feel like I'm the only girl who hasn't mastered the hot messy bun look"

Someone from San Antonio, Texas, US posted a whisper, which reads "Have you ever been out in public and made eye contact with a complete stranger who in that moment felt like your soulmate? Just an instant connection?