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    • Lauren Townsend

      Why CEO Pay Matters

    • Jennifer Pickett

      For example, you can go to Corporate Watch: CEO pay and the 99% where the graphics will slap you across the face. You will realize that in 1980 CEO pay averaged 42 times that wages of blue collar workers, but that in 2011 it reached 380 times - by far the highest such ratio anywhere in the world - increasing economic inequality, anyone?

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    Very well said.

    In 2005, fracking (aka shale gas extraction) was patented by Halliburton--the #1 fracking corporation in the world--and protected from government regulation under the clean water act through a loophole drafted by the private-corporate front group ALEC with help from halliburton's favorite and former ceo/stock holder Vice President Dick Cheney. #fracking #dickcheney

    A Comment on a Bernie Sanders Post Grabbed Me, Despite All My Cynicism. - by BikingForKarma on the Daily Kos - "Sanders isn't afraid to call out the bad guys, nor is he connected to their money pipelines. Cynicism is when you accept the money from those who create our status quo. Bernie hasn't sold out."

    Bernie Sanders •~• VOTE!

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    What the Reagan Revolution did for you. #workerpay

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    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker granted a $6 million tax break to a local furniture company allowing it to lay off half of its workforce in Wisconsin. In return, the furniture company's executives made a sizable donation to Walker's re-election effort. Source:

    How the Koch Brother's Political Investment is Making them Richer #wirecall #wigov #scottwalker

    We all are! #ClimateChange #actonclimate #environment

    Pro-TPP Contributions to Senators Totals $1.1 Million (Guess who's not on the list & also opposed TPP) #FeelTheBern

    Tweet from Anonymous on July 7, 2015. "Glitch" shuts down NYSE on July 8, 2015.


    A government owned by corporations cannot, and will not, protect its citizens and the environment properly.

    Bernie Sanders Quotes | Bernie Sanders quote. Communist Cable.

    Time to kick the Corporate Moochers to the curb, they have stolen enough Tax dollars!!