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Love this. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was originally quoted as saying “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” which is pretty much the same thing. Great quotes!

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This Is How You Kill An Attack Ad II: Karl Rove And His Lying Pants On Fire

The Obama campaign talks to us like adults again, laying down facts, and explaining the various ways that Karl Rove's pants are going to burst into flames.

The fantastic expose of the Koch Bros. in the Rolling Stone has gotten plenty of attention. A well-sourced, deep dive into the very toxic business that got the Kochs enough money to buy up an entire political party.The wrongful death judgement, 6 felony and numerous misdemeanor convictions, tens of millions of dollars in fines, and the trading with Iran are all in the story. MUST READ…

Warrior Queens throw on their katanas, dirks, throwing stars and whips too... Not because we need them - bare hands will do - but because they are more fun. Slice and Dice. ;)