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I'm not saying..

OMG, hilarious and so true. This needs to happen. No reason natural selection shouldn't apply to humans.

Hilarious.. No reason natural selection shouldn't apply to humans.

i'm sorry, but i do think this is really funny.

hahah natural selection of the stupid people

LOL...not a bad idea....natural selection

This one is worth repinning

such a good idea

Haha so true

So funny!

Too funny...hehe hehe

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Too funny...made me giggle

funny stuff

An assortment of funny weight loss jokes and quotes to brighten your day because sometimes you just need to laugh:

i'm the shit.

You Are The Only One I Want To Annoy For The Rest Of My Life. Happy Anniversary! | Anniversary Ecard |

The truth hurts sometimes. *snerk*

I love these stupid e-cards.

Funny stuff right there

lol these are so funny

HAHAHAH exactly!!!

funny shit

my life


Haha...yes! But some people are worth it!

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I hate when I have to drive someone around. They always steal my purse's seat.

I hate when I have to drive someone around. They always steal my purses seat. - Quote - Funny -

LOL. I don't know why I find this so funny.

I laughed way too much at this 😂😂😂

Haha...yes! This made me giggle!!

this is dumb but it made me laugh

True story! Happens all the time

funny stuff someecards

Purse, Ecards

Been there. Done that.

Free, Workplace Ecard: I wish my employee evaluation form had a line item for "tolerating a psycho"--in which case I have exceeded expectations.

Ironically, this was brought up in my last eval, by my boss. Apparently I'm not the only one who dislikes my coworker!

I wish my employee evaluation form had a line item for "tolerating a psycho"--in which case I have exceeded expectations. | Workplace Ecard |

Employee evaluation _ E Card _ toooooooo funny !!

I actually giggled longer than i care to admit

Employee evaluation. Still laughing!

damn know my life

Funny stuff


my speech class group literally thought of this during class once

So True!! Pedo's you can actually be useful for something now!!

Excellent observation damn right well said

What I've always thought!

animal testing

Good Idea!

true story

So True


Ha. True.

Don't worry you're in the inner circle

hahaha!! love my friends like this

Haha so true right @Ashley Barlow

@Shelbie Muse Muse Muse Sims

Keep the circle t'ight!

Yes, I'm THAT girl.

Best friends

So funny!!!

Haha ecard


Truth. This is why most of my nice clothes never leave the closet.

Girl probs...or of i saw no one important, wear again...hehe

Can't believe I'm admitting it, but it's truth.

I have this thought every morning...

Girl problems #truth

True. #girlproblems

Girl probs. #sotrue

Girl probs. truth.

unfortunately yess

YUP :}

haha thats mee, i wish i didnt have to work

| Blunt Card: I'm too pretty to work! |

I'm too pretty to work. hahahah, I wish

I'm too pretty to true lol

I'm too pretty to work - I wish!

This just made me giggle.

Truth! Story of my life.

Замечательная подборка blunt cards от skanga на злобу дня :)   Источник А вот и сайт, где этого замечательного добра еще очень много -

Find I'm to pretty to work in Funny Stuff on Wish to Find.

Its true.

Funny Sympathy Ecard: In an effort to be sympathetic to your constantly depressing and overly dramatic Facebook posts, I have added you to my hide list.

Oh This is so true for some people who shall remain nameless......... ;)

This is so true...why are some people so depressing.

So true, my hide list goes up almost weekly.

Thankful for the hide list!- so true!

HAHA!!! #E Card





Got told not to cuss by a walmart worker once, I don't shop there anymore. Stupid bitch.

Oh, my profanity is offensive?? So is your fucking sensitive nature, so we're even.

@Cecily Honsinger-Malm, those damn sensitive people offending us and shit.

Even steven, bitch. Hahahahaha

Fucking truth. hahahaha!!

I am sorry, too funny!

:Everyday of my life

sensitive nature

Man up

sound familiar?

This seriously is my thought process... more like "can't return to the gym until I no longer look like I'm dying while working out" but still...

Ecard of the Day | I can't return to the gym until I lose some weight.| For more #FitnessHumor visit my Funny Fitness board. Thanks. | #FitnessEcard

I actually think this at times, so sad that I feel "too fat" to go work out at the gym. Weird I know

unfortunately this is true for some people. who cares what you look like at the gym, just get in and get the job done so you can look good outside of the gym

I go to the gym religiously...just can't help but laugh at people's reasonings for not working out.

haha I've thought this before..

Story of my life.

Totally me! haha

so funny.


Hunger Games 2012.

That would be hilarious!

I accidentally dropped some gasoline and a match over there.: Things That Make Me Laugh, Giggle, Hoarder, Thoughts Exactly, Ecards, So Funny

Funny E-cards for Men | Dump A Day men doing house chores, funny quotes - Dump A Day

I honestly only repin funny stuff. This is HILARIOUS

So true!!!!!!! Nurses Week Ecard |

My life is sumed up with this quote!

True story.... Yep! So True! :(

So true. Yet still made me laugh.


So true, it's my life...

true story!

True story: Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I really have my life together.

True story: Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I really have my life together. After the first few years of marriage, John stopped laughing at me and began laughing with me. Guess What?!? His boxers ALWAYS matched his outfit too!!

Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit it makes me feel like I have my life together. Hahaha. This is so true!

When my underwear true. Haha, it's the little things in life to make ya smile

True story. I so rarely feel like I have my life together so every little bit helps!

True story! Oh and if my bra and underwear match...well, watch out world!!

It's the little things....... True story

funny ecards | E-cards

funny stuff


It's been a week. Time for some awesomeness


Haha Ain't that the truth!!! Really wish I could say this but I'm too nice! ;)

My favorite, and funniest quote read so far!

I do it all the time.....mainly to CM life story...oops

My thoughts exactly!

hahahahaha. truth!

Sarcasm quote

So funny!!!



I've been dieting ALL morning. Am I skinny yet? ecards ♡ Dieting Humor ♡

I've been dieting ALL morning. Am I skinny yet?! Funny!

Diet humor! Although I'm not dieting just eating right

lol seriously / dieting humor / ecards

Dieting humor haha!

Funny Ecard

Diet humor

It's true.

It's true. Ecard humor funny laugh

DC - Wonder Woman | #humor

It's a fact you know.

Its a proven fact...

And that's a fact!

That's a fact.

haha fact...

It's a fact!

True fact!


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Funny Workplace Ecard: I work well with others when they leave me the fuck alone. #SOMEECARDS

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LOL this reminds me of group projects...

i hate group work

Funny stuff

Work Funny

haha! So true...@Nycole Lyman

If you can't say anything nice, well then, you're probably a bitch. | Confession Ecard |

Funny Confession Ecard: If you can't say anything nice, well then, you're probably a bitch.

if you can't say anything nice well then, you're probably a bitch

Some people should be greatful I dont say everything I want to!

Take notes, Bitches!! And you know who you are.

Angie.... be nice ;)

Hahaha. So funny !

ha soooo true

This is so true!

OMG this is so funny, except for its my brother that does it, not my husband because I'm not married lol

OMG this is so funny. Ha! my husband goes to the bathroom more than humanly possible.

It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't completely accurate.

Bahah don't know why I'm finding this so funny lol

My husband said "this isn't that funny"

OMG this is so funny (or your son...)

OMG this is so funny and so true

Funny stuff

So funny!!